King and Queen of Coma

Ted Dampier and Lynda Knell

Thank you to everybody members and guests who participated in the 2020 

Mardi Gras season with Krewe of Wrecks. 

​We had a blast!

Krewe of Wrecks 2020 Court 

Captain; Art Parrish

First Mate; Susie Mardis

Ships officers; Paula Burns &
Diana Harvey

Ships officers; Kim Hogan &

​Ella Hess

​Deck Hands : Harry Hewson &

Katarina Denton

​Photo by Island Time

​​Hello, Wrecks!     

From Head Wreck Melanie                 6-9-20

While we have been coping with the COVID-19 situation, we sort of put the Wrecks on hold.  Now that we are in the next phase of reaching toward the new normal, the Board has felt comfortable enough to have an open-air board meeting, wearing masks, and maintaining social distancing.  We are in the early stages of planning how we will conduct our krewe activities.  We feel like we definitely need to have the parade, and assume the SRIA will want us to, since it is the second biggest financial boost to the Island, after the Blue Angels Show.  In fact, we are watching closely how that will be handled, setting an example for us.  We also expect that we will be in a different stage of recovery by the time the Mardi Gras season arrives. 

We will probably have to have some changes to our normal activities, perhaps not meeting every Monday night, and either skipping or limiting attendance at other events.  We will adjust as needed, considering your wishes and those of our meeting hosts, as time goes on, and keep you advised via email, Facebook, and the krewe website.  Be sure to check in for updates.

But here are the three big decisions from the board meeting:

We selected a new Board member to fill the vacancy left by Jeff Goudey.  We welcome

Jim Mike Knell to the Wrecks Board.

The Fiesta All Krewe Ball has been postponed to July 22.  After consultation with the Board as well as the Wrecks Captain and First Mate and the Coma King and Queen, we decided that the krewe will not purchase tables and present our royalty this year.  Despite the accommodations the Fiesta people are making, we feel that it is not in our best interests (age and health wise) to attend this crowded event.  If any of you want to purchase your own tickets, you may do so.  It takes 10 people to purchase a krewe table, and you may wish to do so.  In that event, the theme for the Wrecks is Sesame Street. 

By-Laws.  The Krewe was incorporated and the By-Laws written in January of 1989.  They have not since been updated, and the current Board felt this was overdue. Thus we have proposed changes.  Treasurer Jim Cox headed up the revision.  He presented the original By-Laws and to our advisor Glenn Windham, who suggested a couple of other changes to meet legal standards.  I am going to send you in a separate email copies of the original By-Laws and the proposed new ones.  Please take a few minutes to review them and return your vote to approve (or not) the new By-Laws.  We owe big thanks to Jim and Glenn for their time and input.


40th Anniversary Ball Fbruary 2020

What a fantastic night it was!

The band kept us rocking into the late night!

Thank you to the decorating committee making the room so spectacular looking

Flip Flop Theme night

KOW 40 year anniversary pin available